Katja Groening

Hello, I am Katja Groening from the beautiful Netherlands. I had a shit childhood and left home with thirteen. My mother had been on the booze and my father had nothing in mind but touching me up. My relations knew what was happening at our home but did nothing to stop it. As I was terribly scared to become pregnant by my father I went off one night.

In the beginning I snitched for a living and later I became a streetwalker. As I was built well and always cared for a more or less well-groomed appearance, I was mostly able to select my johns by myself. Due to my experiences I despised men. I often took them for a ride by pretending the great love, just to leave them after taking them to the cleaners. Privately I didn’t want to deal with any men.

One of these guys was a priest. He preached charity and moral from the pulpit and in the sacristy as soon as the curtain had been closed he partied hard with me. Someday when I had just taken his money again, there was a woman standing in front of me. I was really annoyed because she had just messed my business up. I tried to smack her but she easily parried each of my assaults. She was incredibly quick and I had no chance to get rid of her.

She didn’t give up and in 1971 I became her friend. She got me out of the mess and showed me the real life and love; I will always be grateful to her. That is why I wrote ‘The castle of the nymphs’. I wanted to erect a memorial in the honor of the great love of my life, who had helped so many women.

Unfortunately nobody in my homeland wanted to print the book. Such stories would not exist in real life. I would only want to act up with my crazy ideas. Only after I had met Hans Georg van Herste, after he had read my book and edited it, I felt free at last. Now I was able to give at least something back to my wife. Without her they had fished me dead out of a canal someday.

A few years ago I came to know that a man, Dutch as well, had approached Mr. van Herste to tell him that the home where he had been tormented was only a few hundred meters away from the home where my wife had been tormented. Finally I had found somebody to approve my statements to proof that my book was no fiction. Therefore I am very thankful to Mr. Frido van de Fisser.

I wish you good entertainment with my book ‘The castle of the nymphs’ and hope that you will see the world with different eyes afterwards. Well, the events were long ago; but they are still highly current. It still happens in theological colleges, homes, schools and sports clubs. Those who look to the other side and keep quiet are in my opinion as guilty as the abusers.