Lena Birkthal

My name is Lena Birkthal and I am a very happy woman today. The way to get there had been long. I had to travel round the whole world first to find out the reason why most of the women are unhappy. Formerly I belonged to them, too.

I grew up in an ordinary family that is what I thought at least. My parents had been highly respected persons and I wallowed in luxury. Many famous persons entered and left our house and I considered it quite ordinary. I didn’t know anything else.

I visited an exclusive grammar school for girls and studied after the A level exams. I had just finished my studies when my parents died in a car accident. Soon after my parents were buried, the friends of my begetters behaved quite strangely. They tried to get into our house several times but I didn’t know why.

That made me curious and I started to question my life up to now for the first time. I started to systematically search our huge villa from the attic to the cellar and found weapons and photos. My parents had taken hundreds of photos where I was to be seen as a naked child.

Furthermore I found photos showing my patents more or less amusing themselves. Their friends were represented in the photos as well however in a way I had never seen them before. Now I realized why these people had tried to get into our house; those photos could have destroyed careers forever.

Many ladies to be seen on the pictures didn’t seem to be happy; they had married powerful men wallowing in money, and now paid a high price for their in-law luxury.

These partly very sad faces made me think about my own situation in life and I wondered what pushes intelligent women to sell themselves that way. During my researches I met a campaigner for women’s rights. Together with her I travelled round the world to get on to the tracks of history and behavior of women. I talked to a lot of women, read in old archives, took part in old rituals and had Indian palm leaves translated for me to learn more about the matriarchy.

Mr. Hans Georg van Herste, who had helped me to dig in the palm leave libraries in India, later encouraged me to make a book out of the huge amounts of knowledge and material I had accumulated. Thus my book ‘Life in the matriarchy’ came about. I think I learned a lot during my researches and the way round the world opened my eyes. Feel invited to relive my journey. I think you will not regret it.


Life in the matriarchy

Lena Birkthal grows up protected bourgeois conditions. Her mother is a judge; her father is a popular lawyer. The circle of friends is made up of people from the upper class of society. She attends a private high school for girls and takes on studies afterwards.

Only when her parents lose their life by a car accident, she finds out that there must be a secret in her family. Suddenly, friends of the family try to get into the house. She finds weapons and pictures in the house, which makes it obvious that something´s totally wrong. Soon, she realizes that she has grown up in a world of strange rituals.

Together with a woman that stands up for women´s rights, she begins to explore the history of the matriarchy and discovers noteworthy things based upon old traditions. In the course of the years, she collects a lot of material that she has worked up in her book.

An exciting journey through the history of the matriarchy and hence through the history of the woman.

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