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Hans Georg van Herste


Ayur Veda

By committing himself to relieve pain and mental agony, the graduated pain therapist of the German Society for Naturopathy and Energetic Pain Therapy, ayurvedic life coach and author, Hans Georg van Herste travelled through half Europe, South Africa and East Asia.

In South Korea, he asked to be instructed in the Korean massage, which may release even the most severe muscle agglutinations. In South Africa, he ran the opportunity to look over a midwife´s shoulder, who taught him how to conduct the birth preparation of the two trees.

Over the course of many years, he traveled to India in order to experience and learn the original Ayur Veda. Lakshmi and Shakti, two old-established healers, chose him as their student, drove him through his own, frequently turning out to be painful self-awareness, allowed him to have a look behind the curtains, explained to him the world by means of the ayurvedic point of view, taught him amazing and amazingly simple healing methods and finally rewarded him with a many century-old palm leaf. This honor is only reserved to very few people and made him to one of the happiest people on Earth.

With this book, Hans Georg van Herste reveals his knowledge and invites the reader to take part in his adventures and experiences. The curious reader will find out much more, than the price of a pack of coffee.

Whether as instructive inner examination or just as interesting reading – this book opens gates and conjures up the spirit of ancient knowledge and makes it appear in a new life.

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The Borderline-Syndrom

Hans Georg van Herste had been victim of sexual abuse in his early ages and thus set himself to support other victims as well as homo- and transsexuals. He travelled to India among others to study the ayur vedic healing arts. In the Ayur Veda body mind and psyche are not considered to be separated and each bodily disorder has its psychic cause.

The author invested much time, energy and money to show the concerned persons an alternative way out of the crisis. With the “island method” he also created an easy but effective way to prevent sexual abuse of children, discrimination of women, homo- and trans-sexuals.

Based on examples he explains the causes and different facets of the borderline syndrome in a language understandable for everyone.

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The Mother Beast

Many women know about the sexual abuse of their children, but don’t do anything about it. Hans Georg van Herste reasonably describes how it is that mothers and other near female relatives turn a blind eye or even help the abuser. Based on examples the author doesn’t only explain that this incomprehensible phenomenon is rather common, he also offers solutions and things to think about, in order to arouse women and to bring home to them that no child deserves to be sexually abused.

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