Eva Maria Thalbach

My name has been Eva Maria Thalbach for many decades. However in the beginning of my life, I was born in 1958, I had a male first name. Already during my elementary school years I had realized that I am not boy but a girl.

When my mother caught me wearing girl’s dresses, we were a bit short of domestic bliss. My transsexuality didn’t make me any friends at school either. Although I had certainly been able to take my high school diploma, I left school early and started an apprenticeship at a bank in a neighbor town. However I soon had to realize that my reputation had followed me. This was the cause for a more or less fair dismissal.

As I didn’t want to go back home, I entered service in a bar. One night I met my former bank boss there, who had ruined my bank career because of my transsexuality. In the bank he had acted as an upholder of moral standards and here in the bar he had a fling. He and his mates did me harm that night without anybody coming to help me. A transsexual deserves being hit and humiliated. Therefore I didn’t even get any support by the police. In the end I couldn’t but leave the town.

Later I met people who helped and supported me and often got me out of deepest depression; I am still grateful. They enabled me leading a happy life. Without them I would never have been able to take action against my tormentors.

Good people, I can’t even tell how much I feel grateful to you.

If you want to know how a transsexual was treated at the end of the last century and partly even today, then read my book. I think most of you will wonder what men are capable to do.

Today I am a happy woman as I already mentioned. It was a long and stony way but it was worthwhile.