Michaela Holst

My name is Michaela Holst. I was born in 1934 on a large country estate near Osnabrueck that is I grew up between chickens, eggs, cats, horses and cows. Oh well, there were also people of course.

As time passed I got on the tracks of some lies. I had slipped into the birth room of my mother and thus came to know that babies aren’t always delivered by the stork. It also turned out to be a fairy tale that witches lived in the attic of horse stables. Who could I observe up there? I won’t tell you; you can read it in my book ‘The peasant woman’.

My father wanted to reeducate me into a son and took rude measures in it. With the help of good women I was able to get rid of this burden and finally even inherited the whole stuff.

I won’t tell any more for now; otherwise the whole tension would be gone.

Enjoy reading my life story!

Michaela Holst